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Technical School Sisak is a secondary vocational school that educates students in four-year education programs in the field of: engineering, electrical engineering, ecology and chemical technology for professions like computer technician in the field of mechanical engineering, technician for electrical machines with applied computing, technician for electronics, IT technician and environmental technician. At the end of their education in Technical school Sisak, students will gain the title of technician and secondary education. Students acquire the right to take up the state exam and enroll in higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia.

The school currently has 465 students and 72 employees, out of which 54 teachers, 5 teaching associates, 2 expert associates, 4 employees in administration and 7 auxiliary technical staff. In addition to regular education programs, Technical school Sisak is also running adult education programs, regular programs in the mentioned occupations and training programs in the field of CAD, CNC, renewable energy and robotics. The school is also registered as Student Service which acts as an intermediary in the employment of regular students of all schools in Sisak-Moslavina County during the holidays.

From the school year 2013/2014., Technical school Sisak has introduced three experimental curriculums in its program of work - computer technician in the field of mechanical engineering, technician for electronics and IT technician. The main feature of these new experimental curriculums is the new, modular approach to education in which students choose different modules themselves, and a credit score system has been set up so that qualifications can be compared with similar qualifications in the EU. At the end of their education, students receive a certain number of ECVET credits. From the school year 2017/2018., experimental programs became regular. The school also introduced e-classroom books in all classes, projectors, computers, loudspeakers, canvas, and Internet, so all classrooms became multimedia classrooms. Two centers have been set up at the school, Center for New Technologies and Renewable Energy Center as technologically fully rounded education units. 
The Center for New Technologies has practicums for CAD, robotics, automation, hydraulic and pneumatic and CNC technology. The Renewable Energy Center has a photovoltaic control unit and photonics training equipment. Employees and students of Technical School Sisak strive to form our school as a center of excellence based on the values of the national framework curriculum, the vocational curriculum and the school curriculum, and openness to external partners through programs that encourage the development of educational and creative abilities of individuals that motivate for lifelong learning processes. 
Our goal is to form a quality school in which it is comfortable to learn and work and in which everyone behaves responsibly, contributing to a working and friendly atmosphere and mutual respect and respect for the participants of the educational process in order to reach their maximum potential.


Technical school Sisak has gained rich experience in the past years and numerous partners from across the EU with whom we implemented various projects. From the lifelong learning program Leonardo da Vinci Technical School Sisak has so far received support for two contact seminars in Prague (2010) and Dubrovnik (2011) and for the implementation of three mobility projects, VETPRO, IVT and strategic partnerships, and four ERASMUS + projects. For the VETPRO project "Exchange of good practice in vocational education in the field of CNC technique" (contract number 2011-HR1-LEO03-00719) was received in the amount of EUR 3,242.00. 
For the IVT project of student practice called "With professional practice of students to new skills in CNC technologies" (contract number 2013-1-HR1-LEO01-03161) Technical School Sisak received support amounting to 11,363.00 EUR. 
For partnership project called "Compile new competencies and implement them to teaching" (contract number 2013-1-HR1-LEO04-03231 1) Technical School Sisak was supported by 22,500.00 EUR. From the ERASMUS + program in 2014,  Technical school Sisak received support for two projects: project "With new ICT competences of teachers to modern school curriculum" (contract number 2014-1-HR01-KA102-000282), a project of a national consortium of five schools for which implementation the school received 35,540.00 euros and  project "Empowering young people's employability in the field of new technologies" (contract number 2014-1-HR01-KA102-000379), project of professional practice for whose implementation the school received support of 11,363.00 euros.
In 2015, from the ERASMUS + Technical school Sisak received support in the amount of 89.586,00 euros for the professional practice of students for the project " ˝With EU experience to the competencies for the labour market“, " (project number 2015-1-HR01-KA102-012851).
In 2017 ERASMUS + Technical school Sisak received support for the project "With professional practice in EU to competencies for labour market" (Project No. 2017-1-HR01-KA102-035265) in the amount of 112,210.00 Euro for professional practice of students. 
All of these school projects are implemented with partners from Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Ireland and the Republic of Croatia. 
Apart from these projects, Technical school Sisak has also implemented three projects funded under the CARDS 2003, IPA and ESF programs. 
From the program CARDS 2003 Technical school Sisak implemented a project "With partnership and knowledge to employment" (contract number 2003-0203-010206) worth 274,776.00 euros. From the IPA BGUE 04 06 Human Resources Development project we the project SOELA - SOLAR ELEKCTRICAL AUTOMOBILE (number of contracts IPA4. was carried out with the value of 189.149,15 EUR. 
In 2015, Technical School Sisak received from the European Social Fund 1,999,910.80 HRKN for the implementation of the project "3D factory of the future" (project number HR.3.1.14).


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